Conference “Corn Market 2013” will be held in Kyiv on March 28, 2013



    March 28, 2013
    Kyiv, Ukraine

    Conference organizer:

    ProAgro Information Company


    Conference location:

    Institute of Oil Transportation,
    60, Artema Str.
    , Kyiv, Ukraine, Conference hall


    Date and time of conference:

    Thursday, March 28, 2013, at 09:30

    Dear colleagues!

    ProAgro Information Company and Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation invite you to take part in the International conference “Feed for Effective Livestock Farming 2012”, which will have a place in Kyiv, December 12, 2012.

    ProAgro Information company invites you to take part in the conference “Corn Market: State and Prospects 2013”, which will take place in Kyiv, March 28, 2013.

    The conference theme has been chosen not by coincidence. Corn is one of the major crops of the world agriculture. Corn firmly took leadership in Ukraine: for the last 8 years its sow area and production increased 2.6 times, and exports this season may be almost 5 times higher than in 2005/06. Corn is the only one of the major crops, which is not affected export restrictions in 2012/13 MY, and no wonder that all attention of exporters is focused to it.

    At the conference “Corn Market: State and Prospects 2013” there will be considered the current issues about corn trading:

    • Corn production in Ukraine and the influence of climatic factors on the expansion of sowing;

    • Government policy on grain market and its influence on corn market development;

    • Quality of Ukrainian corn, especially in terms of export demand;

    • World corn market and Ukraine”s place in it, new sale markets;

    • The issues of effective pricing and the correlation between the Ukrainian and world market prices for corn;

    • Corn export logistics and development of export capacity

    • Domestic consumption and processing of corn.

    You can find more information visiting conference site in Russian: