Головна Agrochemistry Production of nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers launched in Dnipropetrovsk region

Production of nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers launched in Dnipropetrovsk region

Dnipro Mineral Fertilizer Plant has started production of nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers.

So far, only nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers, reports “ProAgro Group” with reference to “Infoindustry”.

Traditionally, the plant will produce liquid fertilizers of the NP 8:22 brand and double superphosphate of the 10:32 brand. Production volumes for the next month will be from 1.5 thousand tons of 8:22 grade and from 2 thousand tons of 10:32 grade.

Despite the rise in price and shortage of phosphate raw materials and the constant shortage of sulfuric acid, the plant produces fertilizers that can compete in prices with imported analogues. Thus, the formula 8:22 by self-delivery costs 36 thousand UAH/ton, while the closest analogue – RKD 8:24 was not sold cheaper than 45 thousand UAH/ton, and granular NP fertilizers this year set price records due to the rise in logistics – their cost reaches 58-60 thousand UAH/ton.

Ukrainian products are becoming more affordable, the added value formed in the EU at current prices for energy and logistics does not allow European fertilizers to compete on price, so with the same amount of active ingredient, Ukrainian fertilizers are cheaper. The only drawback is that access to raw materials is significantly limited, so plants can produce large quantities only on order.

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