Головна Agrochemistry The owner lost control over Severodonetsk Azot plant

The owner lost control over Severodonetsk Azot plant

Ostchem Holding, which unites the nitrogen chemistry enterprises of Group DF, has lost control over Severodonetsk Azot. This is stated in a statement from the company’s press service, reports ProAgro Group.

It is noted that the equipment of the enterprise’s workshops has been seriously damaged and almost all of its infrastructure has suffered. Given this, all the statements of the occupation authorities about the rapid launch of the plant are unfounded and spread with the support of propagandists.

“We consider it unacceptable that the occupiers knowingly put people in danger by forcing them to go to the plant. An attempt to launch production in violation of basic safety rules could lead to casualties and a man-made disaster for the entire region,” the company said.

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