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Milk prices remain unchanged

Prices for raw milk are predicted to remain at previous levels, as prices have been stable for a month and a half. This is reported by ProAgro Group with reference to the information of the Association of Milk Producers.

According to APM analyst Volodymyr Andriets, no changes are expected in the near future, especially on the eve of the holidays. The processing industry was supported to some extent by the growth of prices on the shelves: chains under pressure from a number of factors (especially energy and global inflation) decided to increase purchase prices in consolidation. In the current situation, raw material price stability is expected to hold for at least the first month of next year.

Average raw milk prices:

  • extra class – 10.95 UAH/kg excluding VAT;
  • the highest – 10.82 UAH/kg without VAT;
  • the first – 10.46 UAH/kg excluding VAT;
  • the weighted average price of three classes – 10.74 UAH/kg excluding VAT.

The average price for large and medium batches of extra-class milk by regions: north – 11.08 UAH/kg, center – 11.1 UAH/kg, south – 11.2 UAH/kg, east – 11.0 UAH/kg, west – 11.1 UAH/kg excluding VAT.