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Raw milk prices hit a high

The rise in raw milk prices has reached the upper consolidation point. The latest monitoring showed the final movement of the price pull effect, ProAgro Group reports, citing the Association of Milk Producers.

The weighted average price of the three varieties added 4 kopiykas to 10.74 UAH/kg excluding VAT. At the same time:

  • Extraclass rose by 3 kopiykas on average – to 10.95 UAH/kg,
  • Premium class rose by 6 kopiykas – to 10.82 UAH/kg,
  • First class increased by 2 kopiykas – to 10.46 UAH/kg excluding VAT.

At the same time the average prices for large and medium batches of extra-class milk did not change by regions: the north – 11.08 UAH/kg, center – 11.12 UAH/kg, south – 11.2 UAH/kg, east – 11.0 UAH/kg, west – 11.1 UAH/kg without VAT.

The AMP notes that despite the lack of raw materials, the uptrend in prices was strongly opposed by a number of counteracting factors that determine essential pressure on prices, namely low profitability of final dairy production in general, increased energy tariffs for industrial production, sharp decline in purchasing power of population, which leads to lower demand for the products.

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