Головна Horticulture Grain Belarus has expanded the list of crops banned for export

Belarus has expanded the list of crops banned for export

The government of Belarus has expanded the list of crops, which are forbidden to export outside the country. The corresponding decree № 11 of January 6 was officially published on the National Legal Internet Portal, reports “ProAgro Group,” citing the information of the Belarusian media.

Resolution amends the ban on exports of crops, introduced by the government of Belarus in August 2021 for a period of six months, and effective from the date of publication.

In particular, crushed and processed grain of wheat, rye and other cereals, as well as sunflower seeds were added to the list of banned for export. At the same time, the ban on grain of organic production, confirmed by certificates of conformity, was canceled.

The new restrictions apply not only to external exports, but also supplies within the Customs Union, into which Belarus belongs along with several other countries of the former Soviet Union. However, the restrictive measures do not apply to transit and humanitarian supplies.

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