Головна Economics and agricultural policy This week Verkhovna Rada plans to consider three agrarian bills

This week Verkhovna Rada plans to consider three agrarian bills

Verkhovna Rada is ready to consider three important bills on the agricultural sector of Ukraine in the first week of winter, ProAgro Group reports referring to the press service of the VR.

The first bill № 2064 provides amendments to some legislative acts concerning the promotion of viticulture in Ukraine. There are questions about the lease of land for vineyards and its use for 25 years, as well as the legal possibility of compensation for expenses, including expenses from the damage caused by the termination of land use.

The second draft law № 4558 seeks to improve state regulation of the handling of pesticides and agrochemicals. It is about the requirements for labeling of pesticides and agrochemicals, the process of state registration of drugs, the abolition of provisions relating to special raw material zones, the abolition of compulsory insurance of economic activity, which concerns the storage and use of drugs.

The third draft law № 6070 deals with the changes to the implementation of technical regulation functions in the agricultural sector and machine-building. If approved, the law will improve the organization, as well as the procedure for the activities of entities in the system of engineering and technical support.

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