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Main: all about the Grain Ukraine Conference 2017

On July 7th – 8th, Odessa with the support of the Ukraine Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food and the Ukraine Ministry of Infrastructure will hold the II International GRAIN UKRAINE Conference. It is organized by the group of terminals “TIS”, the head of the conference organizing committee is Mr. Andrey Stavnitser. The special sponsor of GRAIN UKRAINE 2017 is Ag Growth International (AGI), the conference 2nd day sponsor is RISOIL S.A.; official sponsors are CIS Commodity Inspection Services, Louis Dreyfus Commodities, SD Capital and Alebor Group.


GRAIN UKRAINE is the main summer event where every land market player can touch on the most urgent and pressing topics. This year, the hot subject of discussion will be the land issue.

The conference will consist of:

  • The discussion panel “Land Reform: From Emotion to Understanding”
    – the project will raise the acute topic of land moratorium withdrawing with presentation of different scenarios of land market opening. This discussion will be moderated by Valerii Pekar, businessman and public figure, President of Euroindex company, lecturer at KMBS, co-founder of the “Nova Kraina” platform.
  • The Round Table “Land issue: how to open the land?” Options, risks, prospects “- here the issue practical side will be considered, namely: the forces balance with respect to the market opening; which bill has a better chance of becoming standard reform; what are the key points in the market launching; what to do with state-owned land inventory; how the large business plans its activities for the next 3-5 years with respect to the land market opening. The results of the round table will form the basis of the bill for moratorium withdrawal.

In addition, the conference guests will have opportunities to discuss other important issues in the following topics:

  • Global trends in agriculture
  • Origination Markets
  • Consumption Markets
  • Investments and financing of agribusiness


Opening speakers of the GRAIN UKRAINE 2017 Conference:

  • Andrey Stavnitser, CEO of “TIS Group of Terminals”
  • Vladimir Omelyan, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine
  • Raivis Veckagans, Acting CEO at Ukrainian Seaports Authority
  • Sevki Acuner, Director of the EBRD Office in Ukraine

Both in the discussion and in the round table the following persons will take part:

  • Valery Pekar (an entrepreneur and public figure, president of Euroindex company, lecturer at KMBS, co-founder of the “Nova Kraina” platform) – moderator of the discussion;
  • Vladyslava Rutitskaya (National Reforms Council) – the round table initiator;
  • Alexey Mushak (the People”s Deputy of Ukraine, Member of the Supreme Council Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations) – the round table initiator;
  • Ivan Miroshnichenko (the People”s Deputy of Ukraine, member of the Parliamentary Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations) – the round table participant;
  • Andrei Gordiychuk (the Founder of the Svarog West Group Corporation, Member of the Ukrainian Agrarian Business Presidium, the Vice-President on AIC of the International Chamber of Commerce Ukrainian National Committee) – the round table participant;
  • Andrey Dligach (the co-founder of the “Nova Kraina” Civil Platform, Associate Professor at the Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University and CEO at AdvanterGroup) – the round table participant.

The educational part of the program will be continued by:

  • Darren Cooper with the topic “Global grains and oilseeds markets – some observations and what to expect in 2017/18″”;
  • Tamas Benko with the topic “Ukraine`s position in the Global corn markets”;
  • Ivanna Dorichenko;
  • Andrei Agapi with the topic “Black Sea Grains pricing mechanics and the new derivative landscape”;
  • Ezequiel Hajnal with the topic “Experience of the South American Grain Market”;
  • Bogdan Tymkiv with the topic “World trade flows of grain and oilseeds: the role of the Black Sea region in their distribution”;
  • Marcelo Neri and Arthur Neto with the topic “Overview of Brazilian Grain Logistics”;
  • Daniel Donner with the topic “Similarities in grain infrastructure developments in both countries (Brazil and Ukraine)”;
  • Jeffery Xu with topic “Review on 4 Systematic Crises of Soybean Import Industry in China Since 1996”;
  • Karen Braun with the topic “Global trends in key grain suppliers and consumers”;
  • David Hightower with the topic “Return of funds to Commodities, The Reflation Trend and the Prospect of a Weaker Dollar and the currency influence on Grains”;
  • Oleksandr Artiyushyn with the topic ”Risk management solutions across the agribusiness supply chain”;
  • Olivier Bouillet with the topic “The consequences of the Ukrainian grain production growth on pricing within Ukraine”;
  • Cedric Hermann with the topic “New innovative agricultural insurance solutions: Hedging commodities with price insurance and managing drought with soil moisture index insurance”.


GRAIN UKRAINE 2017 is sponsored by:

  • Ag Growth International, a leading manufacturer whose products include screw conveyors, belt conveyors, silos for grain storage, equipment for grain transportation, conditioning and drying, as well as for storage and transportation of fertilizers;
  • CIS Commodity Inspection Services, a company established in the Netherlands in 1989 that offers a wide range of inspections, both qualitative and quantitative, as well as technical and consulting services;
  • RISOIL S.A. a company whose structure and resources allow its stable, efficient, dynamically development, with a clear understanding of the prospects and the possibility of responding to changes in the world market;
  • Louis Dreyfus Commodities, a leading trading and manufacturing agricultural products company that uses a global reach and a broad network for safe and reliable delivery around the world;
  • SD Capital, an investment boutique that cooperates with international and local companies to increase the value of investment in Ukraine;
  • Alebor Group, the companies group providing a full range of services for the cereals and oil crops harvesting up to the trading in the domestic and foreign markets. The export of grain is more than 1 million tons per year.

The support for GRAIN UKRAINE 2017 is provided by:

  • The Ukraine Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food;
  • The Ukraine Ministry of Infrastructure.

Among the participants of the conference has been already announced such structures and companies:

  • AGRICOM Group;
  • Credit Agricole Bank;
  • Mitsubishi Corporation;
  • Louis Dreyfus;
  • CME Group;
  • SGS;
  • J. O”Brien;
  • CIS Commodity Inspection Services;
  • Risoil S.A.;
  • Astarta-Kyiv;
  • ECTP and many others.


  • Worldwide TOP speakers;
  • Comfortable communication at the main venue location with stunning city views;
  • AGI Evening Cocktail;
  • Secret party with DJ Ravin (Buddha Bar, Paris);
  • Weekend Party by RISOIL S.A. on the seafront with a volleyball tournament, boat trips and music bands.

Book your GRAIN UKRAINE tickets at the best price with SD Capital Promotion Code. You can use the promotional code either on the conference site or by contacting the GRAIN UKRAINE manager. More details about GU 2017 on the conference site: www.grain-ukraine.com




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