Головна Horticulture Oilseed Chinese oil terminal in Mykolaiv was shelled by rashists

Chinese oil terminal in Mykolaiv was shelled by rashists

Russia carried out a missile attack on the terminal leased by a Chinese corporation in the Mykolaiv seaport, which destroyed 17 thousand tons of sunflower oil worth 26 million USD. This was written by the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko on his Facebook page, reports “ProAgro Group”.

He also said that another terminal owned by China is under the threat of shelling.

“We constantly draw the attention of the international community to the targeted destruction of agricultural terminals in Ukraine by Russia as part of the Kremlin’s strategy to undermine global food security,” Nikolenko added.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is convinced that the shelling of the Chinese terminal in the port of Mykolaiv once again confirms the importance of intensifying efforts on the part of Beijing to end Russia’s war against Ukraine.

“We call on the Chinese side to demand from Moscow to immediately stop attacks on Ukrainian critical infrastructure in order to protect the property of Chinese enterprises,” the Foreign Ministry spokesman wrote.

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