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In 2016, share of agriculture amounted to 19% of the total capital investments into the economy of Ukraine – IAE

The share of agri-food sector accounted for 19% of the total capital investments into Ukrainian economy.

It has been reported by  Institute of Agricultural Economics (IAE).

Thus, according to Nikolay Kisil (the head of the department of IAE), the total volume of capital investments, utilized in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food manufacture, beverages and tobacco production amounted to 62 billion UAH in 2016, which is 21 billion UAH more than a year earlier.

“Capital investments, used in agriculture, forestry and fisheries in January-December 2016 exceeded the result of the previous 2015 period by 17.1 billion UAH and amounted to 45 billion UAH. From the total, 44.2 billion UAH or 98.2% of investments were directed to agriculture, hunting and related services “- he said.

He noted that in the context of capital investments growth in agriculture in 2016 the investments into forestry declined by 10.8% compared with the corresponding period of 2015. Investments into fisheries decreased even bigger – by 40.6%.

According to the Institute of Atomic Energy, in January-December 2016 the food industry demonstrated a noticeable growth of 24.4% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Notably that from 1 UAH of capital investments into agriculture in 2016, food industry accounted for 0.38 UAH of investments.

“Agri-food sector industry provided 36.7% of all capital investments in 2016, of which 30% accounted for agriculture. This shows the priority of investments for agricultural development”, – says Nikolay Kisil.

He added that according to IAE, trend of investments into agriculture over the food industry will continue up to 2025.

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