Головна Market News TOP-10 largest Ukrainian pork producers in 2016

TOP-10 largest Ukrainian pork producers in 2016

The Association of Pig Breeders of Ukraine named the TOP of the largest Ukrainian pig farms as of the end of 2016.

This has been stated on the their website.

According to the report, the composition of the top five leaders of the pig breeding industry in 2016 hasn”t changed.

So, the first place takes APK-Invest, which increased the gap from the second place last year, having increased the breeding stock by 12%.

Agroprodservis takes the second place, followed by Danosha company. TOP-3 leaders are slightly behind the Niva Pereyaslavshchina, which in 2016 increased their breeding stock by 21% compared with the 2015 rating.

It is noted that, in spite of all the difficulties of the past year, key market players have increased their production potential. Thus, the total number of sows in the TOP-5 largest pork producers increased by 6% and amounted to 77.7 thousand heads.

“The total number of these farms is almost 865 thousand heads or 24% of the total number of pigs in the industrial sector in early 2017 and their share in the sale of liean hogs by agricultural enterprises is almost 31%”, – the association emphasized.

In general, TOP-10 of the largest Ukrainian pig farms as of January 1, 2017 as follows:

APK-Invest – stock of sows is 24.77 thousand heads / the total number – 284.03 thousand heads;
Agroprodservis – stock of sows is 14 thousand / 142.2 thousand heads;
Danosh – stock of sows is 14 thousand / 140.5 thousand heads;
Globinsky svinokompleks – stock of sows is 12.54 thousand / 153.25 thousand heads;
Niva Pereyaslavschiny – stock of sows is 12.4 thousand / 145 thousand head;
Bahmutsky Agrarian Union – stock of sows is 6.98 thousand / 89.36 thousand heads;
Galicia-West – stock of sows is 5.7 thousand / 75.95 thousand heads;
Barcom – stock of sows is 5.13 thousand / 68.47 thousand heads;
Rentier – stock of sows is 4,2 thousand / 60 thousand heads;
Zolotonoshsky bacon – stock of sows is 4,09 thousand / 43,06 thousand heads.

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