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Profitability of oil flax cultivation in Ukraine is 46% according to the experts

Ukrainian farmers who grow oil flax, have excellent prospects for earnings – both on the domestic and foreign markets.

According to the UBR, this was reported in Flax and Hemp Association (Ukraine).

According to the report, for the last 3 years in Ukraine, the cost per ha hasn”t reached more than $ 288, that is, the profitability of growing oil flax is about 46%.

“Flax is an excellent precursor for wheat, which raises its yield by about 10% and this plant is an alternative to sunflower. Its cultivation helps to regulate the processes of crop rotation but there are obstacles that prevent this product from reaching the markets of other countries. Export tariff is 8.5% now, so naturally we are not competitive with other countries on the flax markets and in our country there is almost no processing of flax (only 15-20%) and the rest is the raw material export only” , – was noted by the chairman of the Flax and Hemp Association (Ukraine) Irina Kosciuszko.

According to her, a positive factor that can stimulate flax cultivation is the fact that in EU countries the demand for automakers is very high and they are obliged to use natural fibers for interior finishing of cars.

As Irina Kosciuszko notes, this is an additional opportunity to export to Europe not only flax seeds, but also a natural technical fiber that can be made from oil flax.

It”s worth to mention that in 2016, Ukraine exported flax seeds worth $ 27.69 million.

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