Головна News Company news Continental Farmers Group has completed winter barley harvesting

Continental Farmers Group has completed winter barley harvesting

Harvesting is in full swing at “Continental Farmers Group”. The company has already finished threshing of winter barley on an area of 11.4 thousand hectares, with good yields – 63.7 centners / ha, reports “ProAgro Group”.

Also, “Continental” continues to harvest winter wheat and rape. In the structure of crops, 40.1 thousand hectares and 34.6 thousand hectares are devoted to these cultures, respectively. In total during the first wave of harvesting the company plans to harvest a total area of 86.2 thousand hectares.

“This year, our team has done everything to start the harvesting campaign on time. We are generally satisfied with the progress of the harvest. Preliminary forecasts suggest that the current yields will not be less than the planned performance”, – said the General Director of “Continental Farmers Group” Georg von Nolken.

The company ships the harvested crops to its own elevator facilities with the total capacity of over 500 thousand tons. Also polymer sleeves have already been purchased, in which it is planned to store part of the grain.

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