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Chornomorsk terminal was reported mined

Yesterday, on December 28, the special line “102” in the morning received an anonymous message that the office on Shevchenko avenue 4D in Odessa and a grain terminal in Chornomorsk were mined. This was informed by the National police in the Odessa region, reports ProAgro Group.

“Explosive technicians and investigative and operational groups have been sent to the places to verify the above information,” the police press service noted sparingly.

Most likely, no explosive devices were found either there or there, since the police did not report the results of the check, but that is how most of the sweeps of such reports end. We do not know how the above-mentioned office in Odessa is connected to the grain terminal in the Black Sea port, but we hope that at least the police will find an anonymous person and establish this connection.

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