Головна News Land issue Today the Constitutional Court plans to procced on land reform

Today the Constitutional Court plans to procced on land reform

The Constitutional Court has changed its October 21 agenda to include consideration of the land reform.

This is reported in Telagram channel by MP Olga Sovgirya, a representative of Parliament in the CCU.

“Today, the Constitutional Court has changed the previously announced agenda for this week and included in it the case on the constitutional appeal of 46 people’s deputies of Ukraine concerning the official interpretation of the provisions of the first sentence of part one of article 13, part one of article 14 of the Constitution of Ukraineé This is one of the cases, which concerns the so-called land reform,” – wrote Sovgirya.

The current Law “About the Constitutional Court of Ukraine” actually does not regulate the way of forming the agenda at all, which makes it possible to include cases even immediately before they are considered.

We shall remind you that the initiators of the constitutional appeal claim that the law was passed by parliament with violations and that its provisions contradict the constitutional norms. They claim that only the Ukrainian people have the right to decide on the disposal of such an object of collective property as land through an all-Ukrainian referendum.

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