Головна Horticulture “Continental” held a large-scale Field Day in Lviv

“Continental” held a large-scale Field Day in Lviv

Continental Farmers Group held a Field Day “How to earn an extra $100 per hectare: time to count”, reports ProAgro Group.

The event was organized jointly with the Lviv National Agrarian University. It united the company’s partners, agricultural producers, farmers, government representatives, and young people who want to work in the agricultural sector. Field Day in this format is held by “Continental” for the third time.

CEO Georg von Nolcken emphasized that such Field Days help not only to improve the professional level of the company’s specialists, but also the development of agriculture in Ukraine as a whole.

“Today’s Field Day is a specialized platform where farmers can communicate and share experiences, expand their knowledge on production issues, and jointly look for non-standard solutions and new approaches. We consider our colleagues in agriculture as partners, and today we have presented the project “Continental Innovation”, through which we intend to implement our philosophy of open partnership. “Continental” is ready to share its production technologies and designs, conduct joint researches and experiments,” commented Georg von Nolcken.

Presentations and speeches at the Field Day were made by invited experts: Volodymyr Lychochvor, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, expert in crop production, Vazira Martazinova, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, expert in meteorology, as well as special guest of the event Michael Horsch.

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