Головна Animal husbandry Deficit continues to “heat up” prices on the pork market

Deficit continues to “heat up” prices on the pork market

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In mid-September, purchasing prices for pork again moved up amid a shortage of live animals, according to “ProAgro Group” with reference to analysts of the Association of Pig Breeders of Ukraine.

Thus, trading for the 37th week for operators of the domestic pork market ended with an increase in quotations by 2-3 UAH/kg against the previous week. In the western and central regions, the price of a kilogram of live pork mainly ranged from 68-70 UAH/kg. The shortage of conditioned pork in the East contributed to higher prices to 70-73 UAH/kg.

Processors unanimously confirm the shortage of pigs of slaughter conditions, which has intensified this week. Thus, according to their testimony, a significant proportion of live pigs entering the market has a “summer” slaughter weight, which is inferior to the standard. In addition, a number of operators have reduced the volume of consignments or are forced to skip sales so that the animals gain the necessary weight.

At the same time, most representatives of the processing industry note that the pace of sales is not weakening, while many operators have difficulties with harvesting pork in sufficient volumes to meet all requests. Because of this, some processors were forced to increase the radius of purchase of live animals despite significant logistics costs.

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