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Due to the delay at the start, corn in Dnipropetrovs’k region will be harvested in December

Since the beginning of the harvesting campaign of late crops in the Dnipropetrovsk region, more than 350 thousand tons of sunflower have been harvested, which is a third of the planned harvest. Recently, the region began to harvest corn, as well as sow winter wheat and barley, reports “ProAgro Group” with reference to the information of the regional military administration.

“It rained in late September and early October. Because of this, the collection of late spring crops and sowing of winter crops were delayed. But according to forecasts, it will be dry and warm until mid-October. Such weather will facilitate the work in the field,” – the head of the regional center for hydrometeorology Vasyl Hrynchak said.

This year, farmers expect a good harvest of sunflower and corn.

“The yield of late spring crops is at the level of previous years. More than 40 thousand tons of corn have been threshed. We have processed 12 thousand hectares of fields. The plans are 292 thousand hectares. Most likely, the work will continue in December,” said Vladislav Churchill, Director of the Institute of Grain Crops.

He added that currently less than 40% of the fields allocated for winter crops have been sown in the region. It is possible that farmers will work until November. It is already too late for sowing winter crops.

“Next year we expect a slight decrease in the harvest. However, even according to the most pessimistic forecasts, next year we will harvest more than 1 million tons of wheat. This is enough to provide residents of the region with food. And there will be enough left for export,” – Vladislav Churchill said.

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