Головна Consumer market In January-August Ukraine imported fruits and fish the most

In January-August Ukraine imported fruits and fish the most

According to the State Customs Service, in January-August 2022, Ukraine imported agricultural products worth $ 3,977 million, which is 22% less than in 8 months of last year. This was reported by Bohdan Dukhnytskyi, Senior Research Scientist at the Institute of Agrarian Economics, ProAgro Group reports.

According to him, the main suppliers of agro-food products to Ukraine, as usual, are the states of the European Union. The volume of imports from this region amounted to $ 176 million, which is almost 55% of purchases.

In Asia, our country purchased food for $ 754 million (19%), in Latin America – $ 256 million (6%), and Africa – $ 148 million (4%). Supplies from these four regions cover more than 4/5 of all domestic imports of agricultural products.

The rating of the main suppliers of food to Ukraine is usually headed by Poland ($ 590 million). The top 10 of this list includes Turkey ($339 million), Germany ($294 million), Italy ($226 million), the Netherlands ($185 million), France ($166 million), Norway ($131 million), the United States of America ($121 million), China ($118 million) and Spain ($111 million).

The commodity structure of food imports to Ukraine for several years in a row remains without significant changes. This year, the growth in the cost of purchases is recorded only for vegetables and residues of the processing industry, the expert noted.

The largest share of foreign food purchases falls on fruits and berries. Imports of products of this group of products for 8 months of this year amounted to $ 398 million.

Traditionally, fish and seafood are among the leading products in terms of purchases. Their imports in January-August 2022 amounted to $362 million.

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