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More than 52 million tons of grain crops were harvested by Ukrainian agrarians

Ukraine continues to harvest grain and leguminous crops, which as of October 13th was carried out on the area of 11.6 million hectares. At yields of 44.8 centners/hectare, 52.06 thousand tons of grain have been threshed, reports “ProAgro Group” with reference to the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food.

Among threshing leaders are Odessa oblast (4.4 million tons of crops), Dnipropetrovsk oblast (4.3 million tons) and Kharkiv oblast (4.2 million tons), and the best yield is recorded in Khmelnytsky oblast (60.3 cwt/ha).

In addition, rapeseed harvesting on the area of about 1 million hectares was completed with the yield 28.6 cwt/ha, more than 2.9 million tons of seeds were threshed. The highest yield of seeds is reached in Ternopil oblast (37.2 centners/hectare) and Khmelnytskyi oblast (35 centners/hectare).

Agrarians of all regions continue harvesting corn (22% across Ukraine), and have threshed more than 6.9 million tons. Farmers of Mykolayiv oblast have threshed most of all – 85% of the forecasted area, and the highest yield is observed in Chernihiv oblast – 98.5 cwt/ha.

Buckwheat harvesting also continues (86% across Ukraine), a total of 94.8 tons was threshed at a yield of 13.1 cwt/ha, and 13 oblasts have already finished it. At the same time, the millet is almost at the finish line (92% in Ukraine), 167 tons of millet have been threshed with the yield of 23.3 cwt/ha, and 14 oblasts have already finished with it.

Sunflower is harvested from the area of 4.7 million hectares (73% across Ukraine), 10.9 million tons of sunflower seeds were threshed, the yield being 23.1 centners/ha. Harvesting is almost completed in Kherson oblast – 98% of the forecast, and the highest yield was reached in Khmelnytsky oblast – 34.3 cwt/ha.

Soybean was harvested from the area of 784 thousand hectares (61% across Ukraine) with 2.01 million tons threshed. Harvesting is fully completed in Donetsk (98% of the forecast) and Kharkiv oblasts, and the highest yield is achieved in Khmelnytsky oblast – 33.8 cwt/ha.

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