Головна Consumer market No shortage of food is expected in Ukraine

No shortage of food is expected in Ukraine

Domestic food security of Ukraine is fully ensured, no food shortage is expected. We will have enough sunflower oil, sugar and eggs, there are no grounds for a significant rise in price of these products. On the contrary – in November Ukrainians will see a certain stabilization of food prices.

This was stated by Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Markiyan Dmytrasevych during a telethon, according to “ProAgro Group”.

As for sunflower oil, farmers have now harvested 2.6 million tons of sunflower seeds, and the forecast for this year is 9.5 million tons. “This is less compared to the previous year, which was a record year and brought 16.3 million tons of sunflower. The reasons for this decrease are clear – the war and weather conditions that slowed down the pace of harvesting. But this is more than enough for domestic needs. Therefore, if we do not talk about general inflation and the rise in the cost of logistics, there should be no rise in the price of oil”, – assured Markiyan Dmytrasevych.

Also, according to him, the price of sugar should remain stable. Farmers sowed 180 thousand hectares of sugar beet, which is slightly less than last year – 224 thousand hectares. This year’s harvested beets should produce 1 million tons of sugar. “There will be no shortage of sugar, as well as its significant rise in price,” – said the Deputy Minister.

“We will definitely not have a food shortage. We are an agricultural country and a net exporter of agricultural products, so we will definitely satisfy our domestic needs in full. The pricing of products will be influenced primarily by general inflation, the cost of energy and logistics”, – summed up the Deputy Minister.

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