Головна Consumer market Prices of imported fruits continue to rise

Prices of imported fruits continue to rise

Due to the reduction in the supply of Ukrainian berries and fruits and shifting the focus of consumers to foreign substitutes, the prices of imported fruits began to rise, ProAgro Group reports citing agrotrend.com.ua.

“Bananas and grapes kish-mish have increased in price by about 6% and 4%, and stand at an average of 26.7 UAH/kg and 41 UAH/kg, respectively, as of October 28,” according to the statement.

It should be noted that over the past two weeks, the record for the cheapening was isteblished by apples, the cost of which decreased by an average of 12% and as of October 28 stands at 9.58 UAH/kg.

“The main factor for the decrease in the price of apples is seasonality, in which the price decreases when a good harvest of the new year arrives. This year Ukraine has a good apple crop, due to which the price for this product is the lowest for the last 3 years,” the experts summed up.

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