Головна Consumer market Salt deficit: the largest Ukrainian producer has stopped work

Salt deficit: the largest Ukrainian producer has stopped work

Ordinary edible (rock) salt has disappeared from the shelves of Ukrainian stores. The reason is that the main production of salt takes place in Donetschina. It is primarily the enterprise “Artemsil” in Soledar, Donetsk region, which stopped its work a month ago because of the threat of shelling.

This is reported by “ProAgro Group” with reference to “Facts”.

“The enterprise does not work until indefinitely, according to the order. The shelling is constantly continuing, the administration building was partially destroyed, and there were hits in the mines. Most of the residents of Soledar, the employees of the enterprise “Artemsil” evacuated. If possible, those who can leave,” Volodymyr Niziyenko, head of the press service of Artemsil, said.

The company produces 2 million tons of salt a year. In addition to meeting Ukrainian needs, the salt was also exported to 15 countries around the world. All finished products, which were produced, were shipped to warehouses, and then distributed to regions, through retail chains.

The company is ready to return to work as soon as the territories are free and safe. Artemivsk field of rock salt supplied more than 90% of the salt in Ukraine as a whole, said the “Institute of Agrarian Economics of the National Academy of Sciences.

How to deal with a shortage of salt should say in the government. The most obvious thing is that as long as the fighting continues, imported salt will appear on Ukrainian shelves.

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