Головна Horticulture Sunflower purchase prices in Ukraine fell by 5-7%

Sunflower purchase prices in Ukraine fell by 5-7%

On the Ukrainian market the predicted reduction in the purchase price of sunflower occurs, which is caused by the seasonal increase in supply, the completion of the harvest and receiving of the expected yield, reports ProAgro Group, citing the information of GrainTrade.

Processors promptly increased the purchase prices from the initial 15 thousand UAH/t to 20 thousand UAH/t with delivery to the plant amidst the delayed harvesting and restrained sales by the producers at the beginning of the season. However, last week, amid slight decrease in sunflower oil quotations, the prices for sunflower with delivery to the factories decreased to the level of 18.3-19 thousand UAH/t (695-725 $/t) for 46-47% oil with a premium for the best oil-bearing capacity.

In Ukraine, as of October 28, 13.5 million tons of sunflower was threshed from 5.9 million hectares or 90% of the area with a yield of 2.31 t/ha. The best yield of 3.44 tons per hectare was recorded in Khmelnytsky region. It is expected that the yield will amount to 15.5-16 million tons, which will be much higher than last year’s figure and will provide the necessary volumes of raw materials to processors.

Sunflower oil prices last week declined from 1400-1430 $/t FOB to 1370-1420 $/t FOB under pressure from low demand, but palm oil prices remain high, which will keep soybean and sunflower oil prices high in the near term.

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