Головна News Ukrainian market The rush is over, with no shortage of potatoes in Kyiv

The rush is over, with no shortage of potatoes in Kyiv

On the days of the fiercest battles near Kyiv the prices for potatoes reached 25 hryvnias a kilo, and that for a “social”, 2nd sort vegetable. And it is not surprising, because the main vegetable and potato storages are situated in the Brovary, Borispil, Makariv districts, along the Zhytomyr and Chernigiv highways. And also near Gostomel, Borodyanka, Nemishayeve.

In other words, the potatoes in the Kyiv region were in hell, says Oksana Ruzhenkova, executive director of the Association of Potato Producers, in her post on Facebook.

It was possible to get the second bread to the capital through Bila Tserkva and further through Obukhiv. As soon as the Brovary direction began to be released, potatoes arrived in Kyiv, but again of very dubious quality.

“Supermarket managers, trying to promptly fill the shelves, made deals with everyone, not being able to look at the goods. While the potatoes in the stores are 10-15-18 UAH/kg. In small stores and at the market from the ground – 15-20 UAH/kg,” – says Oksana Ruzhenkova.

Potatoes continue to arrive. There is already a surplus. Consumer boom has fallen.

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