Головна News Ukrainian market The world will sense the food crisis by July, – Ukrainian minister

The world will sense the food crisis by July, – Ukrainian minister

As early as mid-July, the world will start to feel acutely the food crisis provoked by Russia’s war against Ukraine. And all major world organizations, which are supposed to solve and foresee such crises, do not fully understand the scope of current problems.

Ukrainian Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Mykola Solsky said this in an interview with the Voice of America, ProAgro Group reported, citing information from the ministry.

“We did not take out another 5 million tons of wheat, which we planned to take out. We definitely planned to take out at least 10 to 15 million tons of wheat of this crop. We won’t be able to sow as much as we wanted to next year. All markets will feel that. I think the world will begin to feel it acutely in mid-July, because many countries in North Africa, the Arab countries, South-East Asia are still consuming what they bought earlier, the reserves that have been formed. They still have money to subsidize something, to make something cheaper. But they are all waiting for a new harvest. As in any situation, everyone hopes for the best. They say somehow it will work itself out. But we understand it won’t,” said the Minister.

According to him, exactly two months later everyone will see that there is no grain from Ukraine and there is no alternative in the world.

“It is like with oil – it is impossible to dramatically increase volumes in a month. For example, the entire northern hemisphere has already passed the sowing season. American and Canadian farmers have already planted everything with corn and soybeans and something else. They won’t be refocusing on other crops in August,” Mykola Solsky added.