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Ukraine expects a record corn harvest in 2021

збирання кукурудзи, жнива пізніх культур

Corn harvesting continues in Ukraine. And it seems that Ukrainian agrarians expect another record gross yield. According to preliminary estimates, 38.7 million tons of corn will be harvested in 2020/21 marketing year, which is 28% higher than last year.

ProAgro Group reports this, citing information from Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business (UCAB).

This is the largest gross harvest in all years of Ukraine’s independence. Such a significant increase in the gross harvest of corn was achieved both by increasing the sown areas and yields.

“Last year there was a record high price for corn on the world market due to limited supply because of difficult weather conditions in a number of producing countries (including Ukraine) and constantly growing demand on the world market. This has stimulated Ukrainian farmers to increase the planted area under corn in the next sowing campaign. Therefore, in 2020/21 MY the area under this crop was increased by 11% to 5.5 million hectares”, – explains Svitlana Lytvyn, analyst at UCAB.

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