Головна Horticulture Oilseed Ukraine expects a significant increase in vegetable oil production in 2021/22 MY

Ukraine expects a significant increase in vegetable oil production in 2021/22 MY

олія, рослинні олії

According to a preliminary assessment of the association “Ukroilprom”, in 2021/22 MY the production of major types of oilseeds will reach 22.3 million tons against 18.46 million tons in 2020/21 MY (121% growth). This is reported by ProAgro Group with reference to the information of Ukroilprom.

In particular, the production of sunflower seeds is projected at 16 million tons (+22%), rapeseeds – 3 million tons (+7%), soybeans – 3.3 million tons (+29%).

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, in September-October 2021/22 MY there is, compared to the corresponding period of 2020/21 MY, a 13.5% decrease in sunflower oil production.

“This is explained by the containment of the sale of sunflower seeds by agricultural producers in anticipation of rising prices for this raw material, as evidenced by the significant increase in stocks at sunflower producers and the reduction of sunflower oil exports in this period by 14.2%. At the same time, stocks of sunflower oil only at the enterprises exceeded 138 thousand tons. – The sunflower oil stock is now 34% of the annual domestic use”, – explained the association.

At the same time, Ukroliaprom noted that the price situation in the domestic market is stable, the applications of the trade network are implemented in full, the sunflower oil is present in a wide range.

In September and October the production of soybean oil and пкшіе increased by 14.7% and 21.7%, respectively. Rapeseed oil production increased significantly – by 59.1% (July-October 2021/22 MY).

Regarding the forecast for vegetable oil production in 2021/22 MY, significant growth is projected compared to 2020/21 MY. In particular, sunflower oil – by more than 24%, to 7.2 million tons.

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