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Ukraine resumes export of pork and beef

Due to Russia’s aggression, Ukraine has lost its traditional ways of exporting its products by sea, which led to the need to update the conditions of import and transit of Ukrainian goods through the EU territory.

According to ProAgro Group, citing information from the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, these conditions were updated following negotiations with the European Commission and EU member states. In particular, an agreement was reached on the transit of Ukrainian products by means of a ferry service through the Romanian checkpoint Isachea-Orlivka.

In particular, it was agreed the transit through the EU of pork and beef meat and composite products from them, processed in accordance with the categories of processing B-F (in accordance with paragraph 1 of Annex XXVI to Regulation (EC) No. 2020/429).

Since Ukraine is not authorized to export these types of goods to the EU in terms of passing the country’s animal health audit, as an exception during martial law and until Ukrainian ports are de-blocked, transit is permitted exclusively through Romanian ports.

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