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Ukrainian government sees no reason for a sharp increase in the cost of products

First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Taras Vysotskiy told on air of TV channel “Kyiv” how Ukraine in conditions of blocked by the occupant ports increases the export capacity of agricultural products and why it is the number one issue for Ukrainian agricultural producers. ProAgro Group reports this, citing information from the ministry.

“The main partners of Ukraine in this issue are Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. Thanks to these countries it is possible to export our products, which are surplus in terms of domestic consumption, to the ports of these countries for its further transportation to the states, which were in recent decades importers of our agricultural products. We can see that even during this period the throughput capacity has tripled. It’s not maximum yet, but it’s growing significantly,” said Taras Vysotskiy.

He stressed that there is no free export for the basic products, which are critical for domestic food consumption, they are exported solely through the issuance of licenses. That is, each time the exporter – Ministry of Agrarian Policy assesses whether export of these products will not harm the domestic consumer.

In addition, prices are regulated for food products, which are of significant social importance – sugar, cereals, flour, sunflower oil. So now, according to the First Deputy Minister, there are no reasons for a critical rise in the cost of products across the country.

“Somewhere there may be a temporary shortage due to bombing or disruption of logistics chains, but in general, there are no prerequisites,” he added.

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