Головна Horticulture Zhytomyr oblast continues to harvest buckwheat and millet

Zhytomyr oblast continues to harvest buckwheat and millet

In Zhytomyr region harvesting of late main crops – corn, sunflower and soybeans has not yet started. Instead buckwheat is being harvested from 11.1 thousand hectares (74% of forecast), with an average yield of 15.3 centners per hectare (17 thousand tons threshed) and millet – gathered from 740 hectares (18% of forecast), 1.8 tons threshed, yield 24.3 c/ha.

This is reported by “ProAgroGroup” with reference to the Department of Agricultural Development and Economic Policy of the Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration.

As of September 28, grain and leguminous crops in Zhytomyr region were harvested on the area of 279.7 thousand hectares in all categories of farms, which is 50% of the forecast, with an average yield of 45.1 c/ha. 1260.7 thousand tons of grain were threshed, which is 300 thousand tons more than last year for the corresponding period.

Early cereals and leguminous plants in the region are collected from the area of 256,1 thousand hectares (1173,3 thousand tons are threshed), the yield was 45,8 c/ha. In particular, 868.8 tons of wheat was threshed at an average yield of 51.3 c/ha, 143.7 tons of barley (45.3 c/ha), 81.5 tons of rye (32.6 c/ha), 5.8 tons of peas (36.3 c/ha).

Moreover, as of September, 28 farmers of Zhytomyr region have harvested 145.2 thousand tons of sugar beets from 3.3 thousand hectares (31% of the forecast) with the average yield of 440 c/ha.

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