Головна Gardening European problems offer opportunities for Turkish agriculture sector

European problems offer opportunities for Turkish agriculture sector

The looming energy crisis in Europe and the war in Ukraine that hampers production are two factors that offer huge opportunities for Turkish agri exporters.

This is reported by ProAgro Group citing Horti Daily.

While some European greenhouse growers might halt production, producers in Türkiye, which is not experiencing an energy crisis, enjoy a rather stable situation, which gives local agricultural companies advantages in the European market.

“Germany has been hit particularly hard. Agriculture production in the Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium has declined around 30 to 40 percent. Given this picture, supermarket chains in Europe are turning to Türkiye to secure supplies,” said Mirbey Adam, who has been exporting fruit and vegetables to Germany over the past 40 years, noting that deals have been signed with those supermarkets.

“Türkiye now has a huge opportunity. If we can take advantage of the situation properly this winter, we can easily increase our revenues from fruit and vegetable exports from $3.5 billion to $10 billion,” he said. Adam could even see export revenues climbing to $35 billion over the next two years.

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