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Global feed output jumps 2.3% in 2021

Wheelbarrow with pellet feed dairy cows in barn

Global feed production increased 2.3% in 2021, according to the 11th annual Alltech feed survey, released on Jan. 25, ProAgro Group reports, citing World-Grain.

The survey, which includes data from more than 140 countries and more than 28,000 feed mills, found that international feed production increased to 1.235 billion tonnes, up from 1.187 billion tonnes in 2020.

The top 10 feed-producing countries in 2021 were China (261.424 million tonnes), the United States (231.538 million), Brazil (80.094 million), India (44.059 million), Mexico (38.857 million), Spain (35.580 million), Russia (33.000 million), Turkey (25.300 million), Japan (24.797 million) and Germany (24.506 million).

Alltech said these countries produced 65% of the world’s feed production, and they can be viewed as indicators of the trends in agriculture. Additionally, when combined, the feed production of these countries increased by 4.4%, compared to the overall global growth of 2.3%.

The country with the largest increase in feed production by tonnage was China by 8.9%. A key trend resulting in this growth, Alltech said, was the continuation of the consolidation and modernization of the country’s feed industry. Swine farms and feed production have moved from utilizing food waste to contracting with professional feed mills. As a result, commercial feed tonnage increased, driven mostly by the growth and continued modernization of the pig sector.

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