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Reduction of oil production in Ukraine may lead to rapid growth of world prices

In Ukraine, there is a tendency to reduce sown areas, in particular, under oilseeds. Accordingly, this will lead to a reduction in oil production and may provoke a shortage and a rapid rise in prices, which will have global consequences for the whole world.

This was stated by the Minister of Agrarian Policy Mykola Solsky during his speech at the thematic panel “Meeting the world’s need for sunflower oil” within the framework of the G-20 conference on the sustainable development of vegetable oils in the world, ProAgro Group reports with reference to the information of the ministry.

Before the full-scale invasion of Russia, sunflower oil was the most exported Ukrainian product. The share of Ukrainian sunflower oil on the world market was 31%. Due to the complication of logistics routes and other factors of the war, exports have significantly decreased, which is already reflected in both domestic and foreign markets.

“Taking into account the current difficulties with the transportation of sunflower oil, Ukraine has started to sell the primary raw material – sunflower seeds. During the operation of the grain corridor, 0.5 million tons were exported. But in the current circumstances, we receive significantly less export revenue, we observe a decrease in the level of domestic processing, we realize that the costs of our producers have increased significantly and production has become economically unprofitable,” the minister said.

However, despite all the circumstances, Ukraine is still ready to be among the guarantors of food security in the world and is able to provide not only domestic food needs, but also the needs of other countries.

“The future fate of the world’s food security is unknown. The fate of many people is unknown. What is known for certain is that for the occupiers, the aggravation of the global food crisis is another way to destabilize the world. However, by joining our efforts together with partners, we are able to prevent this. We are able to stop the emergency price increase. And we are able to save the most valuable thing – people’s lives,” Mykola Solsky assured.

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