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Oleg Klimenko was elected as the president of the Association of grain elevators of Ukraine

Oleg Klimenko, the organizer of the main communication platform of the elevator industry and the managing partner of “ProAgro Group” was elected the President of the Association of elevators of Ukraine, he took up his duties at the beginning of April.

According to him, now he believes that his main goal in the new position is to coordinate and promote the activities of elevator industry enterprises in order to maximize the effectiveness of their work under war conditions.

Among the key tasks of the Association Oleg Klimenko sees:

  • consulting and analytical work;
  • creation of the investment-attractive program of the industry post-war reconstruction and its further development;
  • creation of effective communication of the branch representatives with legislative and executive branches of power, with international organizations, investment and financial business;
  • work on strengthening national and world food security.

“To make the position of the Association of Elevators of Ukraine sound authoritative at all levels, the first priority is to unite in its ranks the majority of players in the elevator market of the country, and the related industries, particularly – the manufacturers of elevator equipment, transporters, grain processors and grain traders” – Oleg Klimenko said.

He emphasized that the doors of the Association are open to all interested enterprises, companies and specialists of the industry. Together the voice of elevatorists will sound louder and the achievement of goals will be faster due to the synergy of efforts.

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