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Alebor Group plans to build a new grain elevator and oil extraction plant

Alebor Group is actively involved in saving the future harvest. Having analyzed the existing conditions, the management has resorted to the construction of new storage capacities for 60 thousand tons of grain at Voronovtsya Facility, where there are no export opportunities now.

According to “ProAgro Group” with reference to the information of the company, due to such a decision the producers of elevator equipment, builders and their contractors will receive an order, and hence the financial support

“Also, to solve the logistical problems, we are looking for opportunities to export by rail. We have already found a place for construction of an elevator at one of the crossing points in Western Ukraine,” – the company representatives said and added that Alebor Group is now taking all necessary steps to start works in this region as soon as possible.

Alebor Group also considers a possibility to build an oil extraction plant in the near future, which will give additional capacities for storage and processing of oil-bearing crops and subsequent export.

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