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The cost of grain storage at elevators has increased in Ukraine

Agrarians from almost all regions of Ukraine now pay more for grain storage.

In addition, elevators also introduce additional payments, ProAgro Group reports with reference to AgroPortal.

Thus, according to the head of the farm “Stepove” Vitalii Dubenets from Cherkasy region, the price of grain storage in their region at a private elevator has increased by 2.5 times, and it is almost full. Instead, at the nearest state elevator the price remained the same, but grain storage there carries high risks – last year several thousand tons of grain disappeared there.

Vitaliy Doroshko, a farmer from Poltava region, noted that in Chutove, at the branch of “Nibulon”, since June, storage has risen from 65 UAH to 101 UAH per ton per month. In addition, the company introduced an additional payment, which did not exist before – for the reception of grain you need to pay 45 UAH/ton.

The price at elevators in Kyiv region has also increased. Local farmer Oleksiy Novokhatko said that earlier storage cost 1.6 UAH/ton per day, and now the price has increased and is about 4 UAH/ton.

But there are regions where the cost of grain storage at elevators has not changed. Thus, in Ternopil region it is the same 3.50 UAH/ton per day as before.

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