Головна Vegetable growing Small producers have reduced demand for seed potatoes

Small producers have reduced demand for seed potatoes

The current demand for potatoes in Ukraine is quite low. This was told by the director of LLC “Vegetable Group” in Chernihiv region, Svitlana Odnolko, reports ProAgro Group with reference to the message of the Ukrainian Association of Potato Producers.

“Last year there was a long line of trucks to the farm: 7-8 20-ton trucks a day were loaded at once. And now only two trucks a day go to the potato-dependent regions”, she pointed out.

But the director is even more upset by the lack of demand for seed potatoes.

“This call shows that many small producers do not have the working capital to buy seeds. It’s good if they plant their unsold potatoes. But there can be even a worse scenario – people will leave the segment next year. Those with large areas will plant soybeans, sunflowers or corn. Those with smaller areas are increasingly thinking about more profitable berries”, – said Svitlana Odnolko.

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