Головна War against Ukraine Interactive map of destruction of agricultural sector presented in Ukraine

Interactive map of destruction of agricultural sector presented in Ukraine

The All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council presented an interactive map of the destruction of the agricultural sector of Ukraine, which was developed with the support of the USAID Agrarian and Rural Development Program, ProAgro Group reports with reference to the information of the UAC.

The portal was created to show the losses of the Ukrainian agricultural sector as a result of Russian military aggression and to help agricultural producers to record war crimes for the purpose of further compensation. The interactive map will become a reliable source of data for the international community, potential investors and Ukrainian authorities.

During the presentation, Minister of Agrarian Policy Mykola Solsky stressed that the agricultural sector of Ukraine is working in extremely difficult wartime conditions, with new destructions and other negative factors being added every day.

“We are facing war, low grain prices, severe weather conditions. Challenges have increased many times. One of them is the amount of direct and indirect destruction caused by Russian aggression. It is very important that such organizations as USAID AGRO and WAR introduce and present an interactive map of destruction. This is one of those steps that will allow to record the losses of the agricultural sector and further formulate requirements for their compensation,” the Minister said.

In their presentation, the authors of the development team clarified that it is possible to show not only specific places on the map, describe the damage in the questionnaire, but also provide photo evidence, add video. It is possible to record not only burnt, damaged equipment, buildings, but also damaged perennial crops, down to the smallest detail, geographically indicating everything even within a hundred square meters.

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