Головна War against Ukraine Rashists stole 100 thousand tons of corn and sunflower in Kherson region

Rashists stole 100 thousand tons of corn and sunflower in Kherson region

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In Novoraysk, Kherson region, Russian occupiers destroyed and robbed the base of the Ukrlandfarming company. The losses are estimated at $250-270 million, ProAgro Group reports, citing a post in Telegram by MP Oleksii Honcharenko.

Tractors, combines, machines were stolen and destroyed – a total of 470 units of equipment, mainly manufactured by John Deer (combines, tractors, sprayers, seeders), as well as unmanned aerial vehicles for land cultivation and other inventory. The base itself is destroyed.

In addition, the occupants stole almost everything that was on the territory of the base: fuel, lubricants and sowing materials, plant protection products worth $ 60 million, about 100 thousand tons of sunflower and corn seeds. An employee of the enterprise, who is now serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and liberated Kherson region, got to the base of the regional administration and shot a video demonstrating the scale of losses caused by the occupiers to the enterprise.

Other enterprises of Ukrlandfarming located in Kherson region also suffered from the criminal actions of the occupier. Thus, the largest in Europe poultry farm “Chornobaivska”, in the construction of which the company invested $ 400 million, suffered significant losses. Due to the military actions of the Russian Federation, more than 4 million adult chickens and about 700 thousand young chickens died without the possibility of their utilization. Only direct losses from the destruction of this production by the occupiers amounted to about 800 million UAH. And the total financial losses from the destruction of chicken egg production as a result of Russian aggression currently reach UAH 1.5 billion.

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