Головна Agrometeorology Severe droughts ‘could be the norm’ in the EU by 2050

Severe droughts ‘could be the norm’ in the EU by 2050

The drought Europe is experiencing could become the norm by the middle of the century unless effective, cross-border mitigation actions are quickly implemented, MEPs were told on Wednesday, as reports ProAgro Group with reference on Euronews.

Repeated and severe droughts would have significant impacts on a growing number of economic activities including agriculture, transport, energy and healthcare, the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment, Public health and Food Safety (ENVI) heard from experts.

Andrea Toreti from the European Drought Observatory told ENVI members that according to the agency’s assessment, the extreme events Europe suffered through during the last summer “might become the norm” by 2050 “if effective mitigation actions are not put in place.”

“These events are going to hit Europe almost every year,” he added.

The drought Europe is currently experiencing is believed to be the worst it has seen in 500 years with 64% of the continent’s territory now under drought conditions, although to varying degrees.

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