Головна Agrometeorology The end of autumn was favorable for sprouting of winter crops

The end of autumn was favorable for sprouting of winter crops

Weather conditions of the last ten days of autumn were quite favorable for winter crops. Warmer weather contributed to moderate growth processes in the warmest days, according to agrometeorological review of Ukrhydrometeocenter, reports ProAgro Group.

Rains, which occurred during the decade, replenished moisture after a long dry period. By the end of the ten-day period, winter crops in most areas were in a shallow winter dormancy. Only in the southern and western regions, where average temperatures were higher, there was an inactive vegetation mainly without changes in phase development.

During the coldest days the minimum soil temperature at the depth of tillering of winter crops and perennial grasses (3 cm) in some places in Poltava, Sumy and Chernigov regions went down to minus 5 – 6 ° C, in the rest of the country – to minus 3 – plus 1 ° C. At the same time, according to specialists’ calculations, the temperatures below -11-12°C at the depth of 3 cm could have harmed crops at the end of the third decade of November.

According to agrometeorologists, after autumn survey the density of crops was formed in the range from 250 to 580 plants per square meter, the total number of stems per square meter was from 475 to 965, tillering capacity was in the range ща 1.5-2.4 stems per plant. Plant height at the tillering phase was 10 to 20 cm.

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