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Live pig prices continue to rise

At the beginning of August, prices for live pigs continued their upward movement. This is reported by ProAgro Group with reference to information from the Association of Pig Breeders of Ukraine.

Thus, at the 31st week of trading, the purchase prices consolidated within the corridor 59-61 UAH / kg. Thus, the prices in the central regions of Ukraine tend to 59-60 UAH / kg, in the West and East a little higher – 60-61 UAH / kg. The mid-market level has remained at the level of 59,8 hryvnias per kilo.

Producers note the seasonally slow growth of animals, so commodity lots have less weight. Thus, representatives of meat processors state the increased competition for commercial quantities: the available quantities are “sold out” at the beginning of the auction, so not all suppliers have the opportunity to buy the necessary volumes.

As for trading activity, operators note a relatively stable course of final sales in recent weeks, and the lack of competition from imported products supports the demand for domestic meat raw materials from the deep meat processors.

According to ACU, pork prices have been falling since late June, but rose by the end of last month, adding an average of about UAH 8/kg.

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