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At the current rate of depopulation of river fish, Ukraine in a few years will switch to its import

Red and black caviar produced in Ukraine has become a reality. Sturgeons are now grown in the Odessa region and in Chernivtsi. But as a result of natural and anthropogenic factors, the population of river fish is falling: compared to 2013, it decreased by 70%. At this rate, by 2024 Ukraine will have to switch to imports.

According to the director of the Institute of Fisheries of the National Academy of Sciences Igor Grytsinyak, to prevent this from happening, the state should support fish breeding and reproduction programs, reports ProAgo Group, citing information from the Academy of Sciences.

According to NAS specialists, now Ukraine imports mainly sea fish – due to the reduction of its own catch.

“In the Sea of Azov we actually have only the goby left, because the other species were exterminated due to irresponsible, predatory attitude. And from those water areas where there are large populations, we were forced out by Russia. Black Sea fishing areas are also mostly in the hands of the Russian Federation. Therefore, in Ukraine the catch of sea fish decreased many times”, – commented the director of the Institute of Fisheries.

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