Головна Aquaculture The Ministry of Agrarian Policy promises cheaper fish next year

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy promises cheaper fish next year

Next year in the reservoirs of Ukraine there will be a maximum increase in living natural resources, so fish will become much cheaper in price. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy Vitaliy Holovnya on the air of the TV channel “Pershyi”, reports “ProAgro Group” with reference to the information of the Ministry.

Also, according to him, significant legislative changes are expected in the fishing industry. After all, the last changes were adopted 10 years ago, and in the rules of recreational fishing – 18 years ago.

“The main novelty of the changes being prepared is the introduction of a nationwide electronic management system for the fishing industry. That is, in fact, each business entity will have its own electronic cabinet to officially and legally carry out a particular economic activity or fishing”, – said Vitaliy Holovnya.

In addition, Ukraine will reform aquaculture and mariculture to create the most comfortable conditions for business and investment climate for their development. In particular, for the first time a resolution on the development of mariculture was adopted. According to it, the Black Sea water area can be purchased for use at an auction to carry out economic activities there.

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