Головна Beekeeping This year Ukraine has significantly reduced the export of honey

This year Ukraine has significantly reduced the export of honey

The export of Ukrainian honey in January-October 2021 amounted to only 40.9 thousand tons, while last year it reached a record figure – more than 80 thousand tons.

This was stated by the co-owner of TM “Znatniy Med” Valeriy Kureiko, reports ProAgro Group with reference to Kurkul.com.

According to him, domestic farmers export most of all honey to the EU countries, with Poland and Germany receiving the largest volumes. The top ten countries where Ukrainian honey is exported also include the United States and Japan.

“By the end of 2021 export may reach about 50 thousand tons, which is a little more than 60% of the previous year. Reduction of honey collection in many European countries, prolongation of pandemic and increased demand for natural honey should have led to increased export, but in practice, this did not happen,” – said the beekeeper.

He added that despite an increase in the value of exported honey (from $1.8 in 2019 to $2.37 in 2021), the priority for beekeepers – the direct producers of honey – has become the domestic market.

“One of the main reasons for the decrease in exports in 2021 is higher prices and increased demand in the domestic market of Ukraine. In this situation, many beekeepers began to sell honey to the domestic consumer. As a result, domestic consumption of honey increased and exceeded the volume of exports,” believes Valeriy Kureiko.

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