Головна News Company news “Continental” launches commercial production of a new potato variety

“Continental” launches commercial production of a new potato variety

One of the largest agro-industrial holdings of Ukraine – “Continental Farmers Group” – continues to expand its potato segment. This year, the company will launch the commercial production of a new potato variety, Fontane, which is suitable for French fries, ProAgro Group reports with reference to the agricultural producer.

“Continental” started growing this variety last year to obtain the first reproduction, which will be used as seed material in the 2022 season. This year 228 hectares will be allocated for potato varieties of Fontane.

Feature of the variety is a high content of dry matter, namely starch. This allows it to form a high-quality end product – French fries. Potatoes of this variety are large, the caliber of tubers exceeds 50 mm in cross-section. They have an elongated oval shape, which is also important for the formation of French fries.

It is noted that “Continental” will be one of the first producers to grow the Fontane variety on a production scale. The main task set by the company this season is to work out the growing technology and form a commercial stock of seeds.

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