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G.R. Agro – Kernel: full cycle of sales and logistics of 3000 tons of corn on FCA terms in the season 2021/2022

For the first time, G.R. Agro rendered services of a full cycle of sales and logistics of corn along the chain “Volnogorsk Elevator – transportation by its own motor transport – transshipment at its own river terminal to a ship for a third-party client, which was a partner of G.R. Agro” – the Kernel company.

According to the contact, over 3000 tons of corn must be delivered on FCA terms to the buyer’s river vehicle. To fulfill the seller’s obligations, a complete logistics chain was built “Volnogorsk elevator G.R. Agro – Transportation of corn by road G.R. Cargo – Loading on the buyer’s ship at the G.R. Agro”.

To implement this logistics chain, the company has all the necessary infrastructure and qualified personnel to fulfill the contract within 3 days.

It should be noted that during the shipment, the Volnogorsk elevator continuously carried out operational activities to receive corn and sunflower without stopping it.

To transport corn from the Volnogorsk elevator, 15 own grain trucks were used, and the distance to the unloading point was 45 km.

River terminal G.R. Agro has the following characteristics: nominal transshipment capacity 350 tons / h, loading rate on water transport 1000-1500 tons / day, depth in the load zone: 3.6-4.2 m, berth length: 120 m.

Thus, G.R. Agro has the ability to provide a full range of services along the logistic chain “Field-Elevator-Warehouse of an agricultural producer-Transportation to a river terminal-Loading into a ship-Delivery to a sea terminal-Raid port / Delivery to end customers of the Black Sea region”.

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