Головна Horticulture Izmail port increased the transshipment of agricultural products

Izmail port increased the transshipment of agricultural products

Ізмаїльський морський торговельний порт

The volume of transshipment of processed products in Izmail sea port has increased. Thus, the rate of shipment of oil and grist in January-October this year is 19% higher than last year, ProAgro Group reports this with reference to the port administration.

Since 2013 the products of one of the largest agro-processing enterprises in the region, Izmail-Transbulkterminal LLC, have been exported through Izmail Sea Port. The plant produces vegetable oil (sunflower and rapeseed oil), gritst and fuel pellets, using mainly raw materials from the farms of Odessa region.

Last year, because of the drought, there was a shortage of seeds, which partly had to be imported from Moldova. This year, farmers in the region harvested a good sunflower crop, so there are no interruptions with raw materials. During 10 months of the current year in Izmail sea port 68,6 thousand tons of oil and 76,6 tons of grist were transshipped. Now the season is in full swing, so these indicators are expected to increase by the end of the year.

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