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Association of Pig Breeders of Ukraine asks to deal with gray imports of meat products

The Association “Pig Breeders of Ukraine” together with the Ukrainian Association of importers of meat and meat products appealed to the Head of the State Customs Service with a request to pay particular attention to the investigation of a number of deliveries of meat products to Ukraine through the Volyn customs on forged documents that contained untrue information about the country of origin and the value of goods in order to reduce payments for customs clearance of products. Reports ProAgro Group with reference to the PBU information.

The association notes that the collapse of pork prices in the EU countries through surplus and weakening of trade with China revived the “gray” import schemes. Volyn customs officers prevented a number of deliveries using forged documents that contained false information about the country of origin and value of goods.

Import of raw meat with understated customs value brings direct losses to the state because of the decrease in deductions during customs clearance and subsequent sales. Also the appearance of cheap raw meat presses on the prices of sales of legally imported and domestic products, which reduces the payment of VAT from the respective operations.

“The swine farming community is now more concerned not about the immediate losses incurred by the economy, but about the possible catastrophic consequences of the respective situations. Thus, the fact of falsification of veterinary certificates when importing products, including from ASF-positive EU countries, trade of pork products with which is prohibited, is of particular concern. Especially in 2015-2019, we have witnessed such a situation. Since in such a situation it is useless to hope for moderation on the part of all market operators, we can only count on the vigilance of customs officials in the fight against illegal “transactions”, – said the head of the analytical department of the Association “Pig Breeders of Ukraine” Oleksandra Bondarska.

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